Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Final Textures and Models

Polydoodle have been working hard this week smoothing out edges of the Scenes and Characters ready for the off. Today marks to start of the animation's first pass, the block through with Benjamin so look out for playblasts of the process. In the mean time here are some renders of the completed Scenes and Benjamin in his final texture.

EXT Parlor

EXT and INT Graveyard + Church

Benjamin Turnaround

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  1. Hey Polydoodle people! Lots of charm shining out of your world already. A few immediate observations for you, and I'm probably telling you stuff you already know... I think you need to calm Benjamin's arm-swing down as he seems here a bit 'too' animated - jerky, not jaunty. (He is looking rather spiffing in his environment however!). Also, the join between the pavement and the street plane - is it possible to use a modelled curbstone or something simply to baffle the join or interrupt the line? We know this world is flat, but there's something a little too neat and tidy about the join.