Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pre-Production: Initial Blog Setup

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen

The insufferable Stitch is back with an update to begin a million or so more updates. Over the course of the next year (at least until Q2 2014) this blog will be producing the developments of Sammy Butlers acclaimed "...And Son" an animated short to follow the development of her Year 1 Storytelling Brief. What calamities await... only time will tell!

Anyway the first topic to discuss will be the features of this little blog. This is not only for the public to digest but it is also for my creative partners in crime Sammy & Chrissie. Now I wont waffle but all of the buttons in the top bar now lead to actual links *SHOCK HORROR* (some to pages and some to labels). First and foremost I will talk about the custom made pages on this blog (shown in the image below).

The About Page: Has some precursor information in it about the development of Polydoodle Pictures, (a bit of back story) I can redo any of the text in this section so please let me know if you want me to revise anything or add skills you guys want advertised (w/e). I have linked your names and the images of your faces to your respective blogs just so you are aware.

The Contact Us Page: Has a basic form for reaching the blog creator (that's you Sammy) of course this is just so people can get in contact with us should that happen. A form is the best option because listing emails can lead to spam activity at least this way we can receive emails without having to get spammed... Please let me know if you have any issues with this!

The Short Page: Will eventually show the completed short in all of its glory. At a later date (when we have made more progress we can change the banner image and of course implement more images with the video. Ignore the box it is not a video it is just an image so people get the idea that this video does not exist yet but it will in Q2 2014 which puts us around May/June.

Now that I have explained the Page situation I will now move on to the Label situation. I would like to say that I too would like this blog to be simple that's why I want to simplify the label selection and just file each post into one of three Labels. These labels are linked to their respective buttons on the top bar just below the header banner.

We basically have a Pre-Production label which is spelled like that (with caps on first letters of each word), we have a Production label and a Post-Production label. These are obviously filed within the following creative hierarchy. I know you know them but I will list for people who don't.

Pre-Production is for any and all development, concept art, pre-viz, sketches, narrative documents, ideas, etc. This is basically anything that is not resolved or established within a 3D production phase.

Production is for all 3D developmental steps, texturing, polypainting, rigging, animation tests, 3D modelling , etc. This is basically any and everything that includes the 3D pipeline.

Post-Production is for any steps that follow the creation of the animation. These include printing books, marketing, overlaying animated footage within after effects, etc.

Now the one label I haven't image dumped in here is the Video-Logs section. This is a label for video only, it is to be used on posts containing documented video that show the development of this project. Once we have completed the project they will be something to look back on. There is talk of making a little extra DVD so I will probably be involved with that especially because it concerns my 365 Day Project.

Anyway ladies when you post try to use one of these tags in your posts it will just keep everything very simple. In the case of this post about the blog for example it is under the Pre-Production label just do you best to try and file it away so we dont have thousands of tags :P

I look forward to working with you guys this year.
Everyone else watch this space, were gonna knock your socks off!!!

Over & Out,

P.S. There is also a maximum of 3 posts on the main page (before having to click to another page). I kept this small because it will let the blog load quicker. We can finalize details on Monday or Tuesday!

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