Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pre-Production: "Benjamin" Doodlathon

Hello Everyone,

A few posts tonight so get ready for some entertainment. First off the contents of this post are mostly just initial little roughs for Benjamin Badgersworth's design. We have a "flat world" with 4 dimensional characters (portrayed in 3D). I decided to get my thought process going for one of the main characters Benjamin. I would like to say that these designs are all just initial thoughts going from the included influence map.

I would like to reaffirm that I have not ignored the style we are going for in this flat world I just wanted to get cracking on fleshing out a couple of facial ideas. None of these designs are final I will probably try to crack out lots more over the weekend. I have finally figured out to working the IPAD drawing functionality and seeing as one of my apps has a built in recording feature. I decided to make a little feature video at the bottom of this post :P

The influence map was kind of what I drew from researching with Chrissie and Sammy the other day, one of the things we noticed was that Sammy's original design for Benjamin was a little egotistical. You didn't see a cute misunderstood kid, you just saw a little "shit" as we called him. I found the curtains to be a cute factor (Dennis the Menace film) that and the bigger eyes which could well up when he's been throttled. I really loved McCauley Calkins (Home Alone) expressions (Cute yet mischievous).

The image above shows a couple of roughs I knocked up. I referenced Sammy's original design for Benjamin mainly so people can really see what we mean by "Little Shit". I did a few sketches from A - C when I hit D I found something I thought was okay. Decided to try to refine it a little further with E, F and G. This was just a couple of little expression tests really. G was heavily inspired from the face Calkin is pulling in the influence map above. These were just a couple of little tests to get my juices flowing really.

Last but not least I knocked up a speed sketch which was done in my IPAD of all places. I triggered record and just went for it. For those that know it can be a pig to draw on the IPAD but this design was probably my first half decent result lol. Anyway the video just shows the development of idea H another rough thought. I will probably have to discuss a few more tactics with Sammy next time I see her. It was quite fun though to do a video which more or less screams the term "Doodlathon" I will have to do more like this me thinks...

Well I think this marks the end of my first actual post since well the setting up the blog post. Guess I'm a little rusty but I'll find my way back to my 30 post a day quota. This unit will end with some kind of an explosion (which will probably be my head). Anyway I am focusing one character at a time for right now. Before Sammy panics I will say again :P none of these are final I'm just posting up rough ideas as discussed ha-ha. I wont move any further without consulting everyone about each new design.

Anyway catcha later!

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