Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pre-Production: "Barnabas" 3D Form Variants

Hello Everyone,

I had been given a couple of little homework assignments by our Director Sammy for this weekend, one is still a work in progress so I will post that up later. This post is to follow the form variants from the child "Benjamin", the post can be found here. We all quickly came to a decision after looking through all of Benjamin's possible forms. We picked number 16 from the rough 20 which started a discussion about the father Barnabas's proportions. This post is in wake of that discussion to somewhat directly compare our choice for Benjamin against possible Barnabas forms.

I basically did what I did with Benjamin using the basic ZSphere Dummy template. This allowed me to quickly explore the development of the characters form. For clarity I also tucked the design we favoured from the prior form tests for Benjamin next to each rendition of Barnabas's form. This will quickly allow the ladies and myself to have a discussion about the fathers favoured form. If none of the forms below are liked then I will go back to the drawing board and design up a few more taking in the ladies suggestions from these base forms (e.g. make the head bigger here, hands, etc.).

Form tests 1 - 5 (shown above) were based primarily on Sammy's original design for Barnabas click here to see the original art of . It was Sammy's original design which suggested long legs which were smaller as they came into the body. As we got to Form 5 I started to spread his pelvis a little more to contrast it with the broader shoulders. I was trying to keep him masculine by keeping the pelvis smaller then the torso. Of course I underestimated the shoulders... Still Form 5 here is probably my favourite from this set of forms.

Form tests 6 - 10 (shown above) I got from considering Toy Stories "Woody" I remembered how lanky he was and kind of wanted to replicate the gut with the long legs. I kind of liked form 9 here just because it seems to resonate well with the child. That being said Form 6 matches it a little better due to the elongated head. In an ideal world these forms would be taller and thus fatter. Scaling is not 100% accurate between the boy and the father so ladies please bear that in mind when you look through these. We are looking for Sympatico forms so look at that not scale... (yet).

Form tests 11 - 15 (shown above) was more working on the chest cavity. I wanted to give him a bit of manliness. That being said what I wound up doing was creeping into more humanoid forms. Still it doesn't stop me from thinking that form 13 looks quite nice here. These were forms that I liked but again I wasn't sure mainly because of how they related to the kid next to them. I like 14 for the slightly flabby stomach, I'm just not sure if that's what Sammy and Chrissie see the father to be. In which case one of the earlier forms might be favourable.

Last but not least Forms 16 - 20 (shown above) were probably my favourite row of forms because they offered much more diversity. I started elongating the body which really gave some cool forms. I love 17 here. Although I think Sammy and Chrissie will prefer 19 as it has a similarity to the top 5 (long legs). The thing which makes all of these work is how the chest works in accordance with the pelvis. The forms are obviously male and also work with the child counterpart. I like 18 primarily for the child form relation, as I said before the scale is out some but this slide is the best.

Before I move onto blocking the forms out for the other 3 dimensional characters (2 of which are going to be very similar to these father and son forms) I will have to discuss these father forms with the ladies whether or not its via comments on this post or in a Skype meet. I would just like to state again though that these forms are most likely scaled inaccurately to the child. They can be made much bigger. The point here is to establish a favourable form, one that we feel works with the child. Of these I like 17, 18 and 19 the best...

What do you say ladies?

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  1. I think I like 2 and 3... something about their structure works