Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pre-Production: "Benjamin" 3D Form Variants

Hello Everyone,

One final update to wrap up a fairly productive day. I decided to develop 20 quick forms using my ZSphere Dummy if only to block out Benjamin's bodily proportions. Again I only need to be pointed in the right direction here. These forms are not definitive and can be adapted if one or another is preferred. I just thought this would aid in pin pointing how he is to eventually look. These forms provide at least a very basic look. As stated in previous posts this dummy can be converted into any character because it is just a working skeleton that can change shape and size.

I have keep these forms to 5 a slide mainly because I want people to be able to zoom in I developed some of them as small and tiny size may appear to diminish their appeal. I encourage everyone to click them to fully appreciate each one before making an informed decision. If this works for Sammy and Chrissie I will also look into forms for the other characters some point soon. Before then of course I want to get their art style sorted in my head and of course do more sketches using my IPAD which I never have been able to say before...

Anyway here are the initial forms for Benjamin Badgersworth...

The image above shows Forms 1 - 5. Form 1 was created from an original draft sketch I knocked up on my IPAD. Form 2 was created by lowering the shoulders quite a lot I wanted to keep the proportions of the body and waist similar. Looks a bit feminine now that I think of it.
Figure 3 was built from shortening the legs further and increasing the size of the head. From this point I just added weight to the body for Form 4 and a bit of muscle. Form 5 was my attempt at making his hands huge, feet wider and head much much bigger. This was kind of Pixar inspired.

Next came Forms 6-19. I just kept knocking him smaller and smaller. Of these I like 7 the best it looks like a bouncy kid. Hands and feet are smaller this time round just because I wanted to try the opposite of Large. Forms 8, 9 and 10 were largely shifting weight and adding broader shoulders. This amuses me mainly because it feels like the larger forms should be built that way. Love the idea of a small built person ha ha. Anyway please zoom to look at these forms just so they are not underestimated for size as they can easily be scaled up in ZBrush.

From there came Form Tests 11-15. Of these I probably prefer 14 it sort of feels like an adventurous kind of kid. Form 12 was my attempt at copying Sammy's original design of Benjamin. Form 15 was me trying to add some kiddy-ness to form 14. This was because I liked it so much. I still don't mind form 11 which kind of brings Benjamin down from a heroic stocky form (14) to a more normal type of kid (see the gut). This could be the way to go if we are looking for ordinary type characters. This is something I am once again not sure of...

Last but not least came Form Tests 16-20. For this one I redacted the design entirely. I decided to raise the legs into the gut (think Doctor Robotnic). Form 16 really excited me for this and it gave birth to 17 which I still loved the big head really helped. For forms 18 and 19 I tried to keep the legs rather high but reduce the gut I also found myself making the hands bigger for 19. Of these my favourite has to be 17. Form 20 was an attempt at returning the giant hands and feet to the mix but I don't feel this one works very well...

I hope that my partners in crime Sammy and Chrissie look at these forms to decide if any of these are near their expectations for Benjamin. I am kind of a loss for words because I think there are quite a few nice forms here. Looks like this method actually works, well in the grand scheme of things. To think I only started with Form 1 and managed to make 19 other forms from it in the space of a few hours. Which ever one of these is chosen to be developed further we will at least have a base form to go from to find new avenues. A really engaging exploit I don't mind saying :P

Take it easy everyone!

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