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"Polydoodle Pictures is a small University based studio founded on creative expression."

The studio is comprised of 3 people who contribute their skills towards one goal - the creation of an animated short. The short in question is our third year university project for our CG Arts & Animation Degree at UCA Rochester. The short is entitled "...And Son" Which tells the tale of a grumpy undertaker and his mischievous son.
The studios creative journey originated from the talented mind of Samantha Butler who developed ...And Son from from random scraps of paper which were given to the students of our year at University. These scraps of paper were "Joke Shop", "Catapult" and "Undertaker" just in case you wanted to know. photo sammy_zpsfd413393.jpg
 photo sammy_zpsfd413393.jpgFrom the successful development of the ...And Son conceptual idea (back in year 1 unit 4) the talented Chrissie Peters was first to suggest a collaboration while refining her extensive skill set. After speaking with our Lecturer Phil Gomm mid way through our second year we were told a year long collaboration was possible.
This collaboration was to include a sleep deprived David John Vandepeer (Stitch) who wanted to continue to work and collaborate with other creative talents. After a meeting back in June 2013 Polydoodle Pictures was born, combining the 3d geometric term "poly" (gon) with the free expression "doodle" (sketch). photo sammy_zpsfd413393.jpg
Polydoodle Pictures is to be free form, a creative expression within itself. This way we believe that anything is possible on any given day, this is also why our doodle logos change on a monthly basis - to keep our minds fresh and sharp. You'll see!

- Polydoodle Pictures